Internet Services Bernhard

Online Video

Uncompromising performance. The creation of adaptive bitrate is performed entirely in the cloud. CDN Integration, reach your users with your content from wherever they are. Automatic creation of qualities for any screen, from 1080p to 180p.

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The innocence and optimism of the Internet promise has vanished. Trust is in a constant challenge. No network can be 100% safe. But one can add methods and procedures to the network of servers that mitigate worst case scenarios and reduce the damage.

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E-commerce, framework based interactive websites, special requirement projects, document archive management, remote server installation, maintenance and operation. We can help you connecting the pieces.

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Cloud & CDN

Provide scripts and media of your website with unprecedented speed and reliability. Extremely fast download speeds for big archives. Worldwide distribution of any file type with high availability. Control of all parameters.

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